the story behind apt. app.

The technology surrounding Apt. App was derived from a consumer perspective. The founders spent several years, in several states, in many different communities dealing with the same problem – lack of communication & feeling like another number. Being completely fed up and exhausted dealing with matters in the traditional and legacy way of handling neighbors and trying to communicate properly with staff. They researched for solutions and either came up empty, or found no true solution for all needs. So why not build it themselves.

The focus of Apt. App remains to prioritize the resident living experience. So often are there tools and programs for the staff, but nothing is ever centered on the resident to empower them to love where they live. There’s a focus on communities having the glitziest amenities and to make each community stand out amongst a sea of competitors, but 99% of communities do not employ software to truly rally the residents to enhance their living conditions – that’s the void Apt. App fills.

Apt. App technology is centered on the resident experience while also offering great upside for the property staff and owners alike. With the ability to view all of the pending tasks and notifications sent to neighbors, staff can now account for an entire day’s tasks and required recourse and follow up with the stroke of their fingertip.

Join us and the many other forward thinking communities in empowering and enhancing the resident experience.


our team

Luis A. Colón

Apt. App Founder and CEO

Luis has a true passion for business, sales and entrepreneurship. He owned his first successful auto mechanic business at 17 years old which was highlighted in a national magazine and later sold as Luis pursued other endeavors. Luis now has nearly 20 years of sales, training and lean processing experience. He was most recently recognized as the number one sales person for Mopar parts at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. But Luis’ true calling is in being an entrepreneur which disrupts traditional apartment communication and is excited to come on full time as Apt. App’s CEO soon.

Melanie J. Colón

Apt. App Founder and President

Melanie is an entrepreneur and innovator at heart who is always striving to improve efficiencies and traditional work processes. Melanie is consistently expanding her professional network and is an active member of many professional and charitable organizations. She couldn’t be happier to be applying her innovation, skills in efficiency and network to empowering and enhancing the resident experience nationwide through Apt. App.

David Jelinek

Creatix Founder & CEO

Creatix has developed apps for impressive clients such as Kellogg’s, Discover Card, and The Chive to name a few. Creatix is based out of Chicago, IL and are responsible for executing technology aspects of Apt. App. David is a key mentor to the Apt. App development.

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