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we will help you with

  • Peaceful coexistence with neighbors
  • Build positive relationships with your neighbors and your community
  • Immediate & direct communication with staff
  • Maintenance attended to when it’s convenient to your schedule
  • Exclusive catered discounts to local businesses and restaurants to explore your neighborhood
  • Real time updates to requests placed for peace of mind
  • Talk immediately with security…especially in a time it matters most
  • Love where you live and call it home!

made for residents by residents


Apt. App founders know all too well what it’s like to:

Have a neighbor throwing a rager at 2am on a random Tuesday night, when all you want is a little sleep before work. It’s so awkward and uncomfortable to go and confront those neighbors… At 2am…

You just moved in and just about to hang your perfect picture when you realize you don’t know where you packed your hammer. You wish you could just borrow one from a neighbor but not sure who to ask.

A maintenance request that goes into the abyss. The faucet is leaking again and you followed the directions to a “T” to place a maintenance request through the online portal, but you have no idea where the request went, if the maintenance person got it, or when your faucet will be fixed.

Any of these sound familiar? We completely understand and that’s why we made Apt. App. For you! To enhance and empower your living experience.